Сохраним природу
Сдавая свои отходы, Вы немного спасаете наш мир.
Переработка макулатуры
Это процесс несложный, но полезный.

Благодаря вторичной переработке отходов бумаги получают товары не только повседневного использования, а и для теплоизоляции и строительства.
Что мы принимаем
In our Park-Hotel you can visit Finnish, Russian and Turkish saunas, relax in special room and swim in the pool after visiting a sauna.
On the Oulujarvi lake, you can enjoy fishing in surrounding of nature all year round. We will provide you with all the necessary supplies.
On our territory there are several sports grounds for children and adults. Also you can rent bicycles, boat and much more.
Types of apartments
All our apartments furnished with everything necessary and made of environmentally friendly materials

From 2000 euros
5 six-bed cottages with a terrace, a sauna, a place for barbecue and a lake view. You can cook on your own in the kitchen or order meals in the restaurant.

From 800 euros
5 four-bed apartments with individual terrace and a view on the lake. You can cook on your own in the kitchen or order meals in the restaurant.
Book the appartments
Write us in which days you want to arrive and plan your stay at the Park-Hotel
Contact us
+1 123 456 78 90

Laukkulammentie 17, 91735 Vaala, Finland
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