Social Project " I love woof"

people do not care about poops their dogs has left.
Goal: to achieve people's attention about this problem.
Today we will talk about superheroes
Everybody wants to be cooler & better
Each father wants to be the best dad ever.
Each mother wants to be the best mom ever.

Guys who are using Nike + Club Application with their Apple watches are also want to be better and to talk about that.

Everybody wants to be cool and they will tell you about their little winnings.
The main dreamers are children.
They're ready to get their hero.
So we create a brand-hero who will communicate with children, parents and other owners of dogs.
Also we're ready to create 3 types of characters among dogs.
We offer to do a real integration on the streets of Kyiv City.

To create a blog on YouTube and to make a live streams.

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